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Enjoying the Nature

Create your extraordinary & unstoppable life/career with Braving The Being!

Let go of fear, shift your self-sabotaging habits & upgrade your beliefs to magical confidence and self-trust. Master your thoughts for success.

Of what doesn't serve you.

With your true self & your soul.

Your beliefs, habits, and stories to match your desires.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

As a professional you may be experiencing some of those concerns?

  • Feeling tired of your own BS.

  • Struggling to trust your own judgment at times.

  • Negative self-talk & "what-if" scenarios damage your confidence.

  • Self-doubt leave you emotionally drained.

  • Feeling fed up with saying YES to everyone else but yourself.

  • Never-ending loop of "I can't seem to get ahead" further erodes your CONFIDENCE & self-trust.

You deserve to feel enough and put your happiness & joy as a top priority in your life.

TRANSFORM from the inside out.
We help you lay the foundations for an abundant life, successful career
& life filled with joy, happiness and

3 Easy Steps To

An Unstoppable life/career with ease

Schedule A Call.

Tell us exactly what is the presenting problem or issue that you've been struggling with.

Do The Transformational Work.

Transformation is an inside job that requires courage & commitment. Align your beliefs, stories and habits to match your desires.

Create your desired life/career

Become the CEO of your life/career.

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Do you know how amazing you are?

Deep down, you know that you can achieve so much more, beyond your current life.

You have so many dreams and aspirations.
You feel that you should have all this figured out by now, yet something is holding you back.


This impacts every aspect of your life.
Your work or business, your health, your relationships
& your self-image.

Until you address all the problems that you experience at the root, which is in your subconscious mind, they will continue to direct you, your decisions & how you feel from the shadows.

  • Transform self-sabotaging habits into confident and self-integral action taker.

  • Eradicate anxiety, self-doubt, stress & overwhelm.

  • Procrastination & perfectionism.

  • Build unshakable & unstoppable confidence.

  • Create radical self-belief and self-acceptance that will attract clients easily.

  • Smash limiting beliefs around money and self-worth from your body, mind & soul.

  • Fear of success/ failure.

  • Feel at peace with your decisions, your life choices and how you show up.

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Create new habits that will support you to achieve your goals.

  • Unresolved trauma stored in your body that still affects you.

No more people pleasing.
No more overdoing.
Just know that you are enough!

Success Stories

"Session with Ewelina made a powerful difference in how I am moving forward. How quickly I can do that. How effectively and how focused I can be. It is really an impactful process".

Lindsay White

My confidence is soaring now.

Ewelina also gave powerful advice after the session, it actually changed my life, I give value to my heart, I listen to it carefully and I align it with my mind. I feel aligned. I feel empowered.


"Putting a price on what Ewelina did is NOT possible, as getting one's freedom and life back is priceless. From the get-go I felt extremely comfortable in Ewelina's presence, never felt judged and she made it very easy for me to open up".


Use Subconscious Transformation to create
an EXTRAORDINARY & UNSTOPPABLE LIFE full of happiness, freedom, joy & success.
  • Gain clarity on what exactly you want in life, business & relationships. And create a clear strategy for the future.

  • Create unstoppable life according to your rules. 

  • Reclaim at least 20% of your free time to do what you deeply desire.

  • Become intentional and do less better.


  • You wake up at least five times a week in harmony with yourself, happy and joyful. In gratitude for what you have.


  • Trusting and listening to your intuition, guiding you along the way, accepting only the opportunities right for you. ​


  • You make yourself non-negotiable and that may look like, feel like, and sound like having clear boundaries around your free time when your needs are the priority.

  • Feeling confident in your skills and abilities without any more courses that you do not need.


  • Feeling in tune, in alignment with yourself and your business/career. Deeply understand yourself, your needs, and your desires. Treat yourself with respect and kindness. As we take care of the "things" that we love.


  • Standing in your Personal power. Courageously embodying WHO you are. Unappogenetically and consistently, with clearly defined values.


  • Having the confidence to show up unapologetically, true to yourself, attracting only the right kind of growth opportunities.


  • Getting paid your worth, as your self-worth & self-esteem will increase, leading to more money for that expensive trip you keep talking about.


STOP fighting for what doesn't serve you.


requires courage and commitment.


Madhia, England -Money Blocks, Self-sabotage

I came to Ewelina for money blocks, I was afraid of success and I believed entrepreneurship isn't available to me. (...)

I always started off with lots of passion, but when it came to selling or continued sales I would self-sabotage.


My RTT session has made a phenomenal change to my life, I started a vision board (which was merely an idea for 4 years), I set-up my networking pages, I have gone out to find clients, I have contacted organisations, I have had clients and  I am in a continued relationship with them. I feel energised, my path is clear to me, setbacks are only a learning opportunity and not a point of give-up and all this within 3 weeks. the actual change was immediate and it is only feeling stronger by the day.


My confidence is soaring now, I never told people what I do, I only worked on recommendations, I feared failure, I feared rejection and no welcome these as I know I will learn from them and become stronger.

Ewelina also gave powerful advice after the session, it actually changed my life, I give value to my heart, I listen to it carefully and I align it with my mind. I feel aligned. I feel empowered.


TRANSFORMATION is an inside job.

How you think affects how you feel.

Your emotions drive your actions.

How you act impacts your results.

Your beliefs affect how you think.

Feelings are here to guide us.

There are no bad or good emotions.

You need to feel all the emotions.

Process them and let them go.

When you do that and learn how to reframe the meaning, the interpretation you reclaim your Personal Power.

This is when your external circumstances will no longer dictate how you feel.


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