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"Nothing has changed but my attitude, therefore, everything has changed".

Anthony de Mello


Ewelina is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and RTT Therapist (Rapid Transformational Therapist/RTT). She is also NLP Master Practitioner, Transformational Coach, and Confidence & Mindset Coach.

In 2022 she was recognised by Scotland Prestige Award as a Hypnotherapist of the Year.

She works with anxious & frustrated overthinkers, high-achieving professionals & entrepreneurs who are ready to say YES to themselves and create extraordinary lives.


She helps them transform using subconscious programming so that they can step up in all aspects of their lives with courage, self-trust & unstoppable confidence.

Ewelina Szczeblewska


I now know that my journey of self-discovery really began when I was 21 when I packed up all my belongings and left home and my country in search of a better life. 

​I knew that I wanted to create a life on my terms and no longer be ruled by others. I only had £30 and I didn't know what the future would hold but I knew that anything else would be better than the life I left behind.

I was determined to make it work no matter what. I had nothing to lose and so much to gain and even though my family were unhappy with this decision, I knew nothing was going to stop me. I travelled to many places, climbed Mt Everest base camp and did many interesting things.

One of the proudest moments in my life was in 2014 when I achieved an Honours Degree in Business & Management at UHI University in Scotland. However, despite this achievement, I still could only create a life within the boundaries of my comfort zone.​ I limited myself in so many ways and didn't see it.


I made so many decisions from a place of fear and 'what if'.​ I didn't trust myself. Even though I had done so many amazing things in my life, I still felt that something was missing but I couldn't work out what it was.


On the surface, my life looked good. I had a great job, I was in a long-term relationship yet, things were far from perfect. I didn't feel happy. I didn't feel fulfilled. I forgot how to invite joy, ease and inner peace into my life. I wanted so much more from my relationship and my life. Then there was a dramatic turn in my relationship and other events which forced me to slow down and look at myself in more depth. In the space of six months, I lost everything. My life felt like a disaster.

​I spent many months reading books, watching videos on personal self-development and enlisting the services of coaching experts. Although I did see some changes, my life still didn’t really improve. Instead, I realised that the solutions were buried deep inside of me. I felt hungry to uncover my authentic self. I was determined to find the answers because I knew that I was only existing and not living to my fullest potential. I wasn't utilising my talents. The needs of other people always came before mine and I felt unappreciated and unheard. I was in and out of depression and I was frantic to break the cycle.

Ewelina Szczeblewska
The way we are BEing, the way we show up in the world underpins where we are in life today.

Things changed for me when I discovered that subconscious reprogramming is incredibly powerful and lasting.

Finally, I felt like myself and that changed everything. At last, I was able to show up authentically, and unapologetically, true to myself. Today I live a truly wonderful life as I get to do what I love. I feel worthy and have rock-solid self-belief in myself. I have clear boundaries and I am financially independent. 

Hypnosis, rewiring neuro pathways, NLP & reprogramming helped me to discover & fully align with who I am and what I really desire from life. I've found my inner strength and voice that allows me to confidently reach out for what I want.

Certificates & Expertise

Clinical Hypnotherapist RTT, (Rapid Transformational Therapy)
Certified Hypnotherapist RTT

Transformational Coaching
NLP Master Practitioner (Nero-linguistic Programming)
Life Coach

Crisis Intervention
Crisis Consultant IPTK
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