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Are you ready to let go of the past and transform your life?


If you want something different, you have to do something different.


Evelina Szczeblewska

What Clients Are Saying 

Ewelina has helped me uncover the unlimited beliefs and emotions that were preventing me from moving past guilt and self-doubt. She is incredibly skilled at identifying the underlying reasons behind my behaviours and is helping me make real progress in a short amount of time. Through hypnosis and coaching, she has allowed me to get a new perspective on my problems and start tackling it from the root cause. She has a natural gift for intuition which combined with her years or experience and training has turned her into an amazing therapist who will be able to support you and motivate you to work to get what you truly deserve. She has taught me the power of gratefulness and loving oneself to attract even greater things in life. If you’re looking to work through your own challenges with a truly remarkable therapist, look no further! Thank you so much Ewelina, I hope you can continue to bring your light into so many more people’s lives.

Stephanie Hornes, Switzerland
Guilt & Self-Doubt

Lindsay White, Canada

Amanda, Denmark

Procrastination, Self-sabotage

Shiwa, Hawaii
Procrastination, Self-sabotage
Avoiding facing problems

I came to Ewelina for money blocks, I was afraid of success and I believed entrepreneurship isn't available to me. (...)

I always started off with lots of passion, but when it came to selling or continued sales I would self-sabotage.

My RTT session has made a phenomenal change to my life, I started a vision board (was merely an idea for 4 years), I set-up my networking pages, I have gone out to find clients, I have contacted organisations, I have had clients and  I am in a continued relationship with them. I feel energised, my path is clear to me, setbacks are only a learning opportunity and not a point of give-up and all this within 3 weeks. the actual change was immediate and it is only feeling stronger by the day.

My confidence is soaring now, I never told people what I do, I only worked on recommendations, I feared failure, I feared rejection and no welcome these as I know I will learn from them and become stronger.

Ewelina also gave powerful advice after the session, it actually changed my life, I give value to my heart, I listen to it carefully and I align it with my mind. I feel aligned. I feel empowered.

Madhia, England 

Money Blocks, Self-sabotage

Ewelina has the perfect balance between leading with compassion, nurture and direction.

I experienced just one RTT session with her following an intro call and I have already seen many positive results in my life.

I cleared personal blocks I was silently challenged with for years and am seeing myself show up daily with higher levels of self-care, self-love and confidence in attracting the resources I desire. It's past the 21 days that I needed to listen to the recording that followed my session but it's so rich and good that I actually listen to it still every other day before sleep or when I wake up. I would definitely recommend working with Ewelina especially if you are a person of talent and skill but for some reason are not drawing in the income you know you are capable of. I will certainly consider working with her in future. Thank you so so much have literally changed my life.

Dionne, England 

Receiving Blocks, Self-sabotage

I reached out to Ewelina for assistance with confidence issues, particularly feelings of unworthiness and money blocks. She was excellent to work with. Ewelina is a very skilled RTT practitioner and helped me to identify and isolate key beliefs that were holding me back. Following my session and listening to the recording she created, I have noticed a marked improvement in my confidence level and in my effectiveness in business interactions. I would highly recommend Ewelina to anyone who is serious about identifying the root issues that have been holding them back and moving toward becoming the fullest version of themselves.

Tiana K. Chicago, IL USA
Confidence, Money Blocks

I had a session with Ewelina regarding my lack of self-confidence.

Ewelina was really lovely and she made me feel at ease. I would definitely choose her again in the future. In one session we got to the root cause of my lack of self-confidence. By understanding the root cause of my issue we changed that pattern and that changed my way of thinking and my way of feeling about myself for the best. After that one session and by listening daily to the recording made by Ewelina, my issue has been solved. My self-confidence is growing day by day.

I would recommend RTT as it is a powerful method and it offers a rapid transformation that lasts for a lifetime. This transformation had a fantastic impact on me as I feel more confident in every area of my life. I would definitely recommend Ewelina because she is a fantastic, skilled and lovely therapist who will change your life.

I.U., England


I knew that RTT got results, however, I never had anyone perform it on me. That is until Ewelina, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have a session with her. Ewelina expertly used the tools of RTT to clean the mess in my mind and helped put me back on track to achieve my goals and dreams. Putting a price on what Ewelina did is NOT possible, as getting one's freedom and life back is priceless. From the get-go I felt extremely comfortable in Ewelina's presence, never felt judged and she made it very easy for me to open up. During our session I found her to be really intuitive and she got to the heart of the issue in no time. It goes without saying that I highly recommend Ewelina, she is awesome! 

Thank you! 🥰

M. Robson, London

Artistic Block

I asked Ewelina to help me with sleep issues as, for as long as I can remember, if I am disturbed in the night, I can't get back to sleep again. I found Ewelina to be friendly, professional and empathetic. She also provided me with a safe space and made me feel at ease as she cleverly guided me to find the root cause of my issue from my past. The revelation was amazing as I had no idea about it but it explained my sleeping problems completely. It was fascinating and I discussed it at great length with Ewelina afterwards. She is super. From that very night, I no longer needed to get up to use the bathroom, so less chance of having a disturbed night. RESULT! I have found if something does wake me, I feel far more relaxed and so getting back to sleep is much easier. I would say, whatever your issue, I can highly recommend Ewelina!

F., Scotland

Sleep Problems

I first approached Ewelina to help me with my weight loss as I have always struggled to maintain my weight once I’ve lost it. After 1 session it was clear to Ewelina that my issue was coming from a lack of confidence and she worked our session around this particular issue.

I have never been one to believe strongly in any of these types of therapies, however, I do feel even after 2 sessions and using her voice recordings along with her confidence building techniques that my confidence has improved.

In the 3 months since I started these sessions, I have lost a total of 15kg and have had no real issues with it coming back on. I have also seen a marked improvement in the mindset to take on new challenges like improving my fitness via hill walking.

I would highly recommend Ewelina if you are struggling with aspects within your life, even if your unsure of what they are.

Craig, Aberfeldy

Weight & Confidence

Ewelina works magic! She has a strong intuition that helped her dig to the root of my issues. I came to her to try to understand why my reactions were so strong, but in a negative way, in certain circumstances. She not only led me to find the reason; she then brought me through a wonderful transformation so that those reactions are no longer me! Thank you Ewelina and thank you RTT.

A.H., Ireland


After a totally relaxing Rapid Transformational Therapy session, I am feeling calmer and more positive about moving forward in my own practice. The anxiety has gone and I trust myself more, truly know that I can deal with potentially stressful situations. I now have amazing coping skills and am confident in my practice. Ewelina, you are so understanding and caring and so supportive. Thank you so much for such a transformational session.

C.M., Worthing

Exam Anxiety

I approached Ewelina because she looks very professional to me, Ewelina helped me with RTT therapy with health issues!, with Thyroid, glandular and immune system. The results are I feel better health, I'm still working on it, but, one thing I really like is I feel more confident in myself in my own process in the power that I have to health myself. I found the experience very easy and clear what was the cause of the issue.

I would recommend Ewelina to the people who need to be more healthy because she takes the right time to work with you and goes very carefully following the process of the sesión. The whole experience was very good and really helpful.

Thank you so much!

Gisela Casiano Bustamante, Mexico

Thyroid, Immune System

 I’d like to write this testimonial for Ewelina Szczeblewska and thank her for my first ever RTT session! I was very nervous going into it as I knew there were dark, hidden spots in my childhood that influenced my adult life. I was feeling discouraged as I had no scenes come up, just blackness. It made me feel different yet again...ugh! Then, Ewelina asked me to speak to the hurter and pop it all started to flow...I could hardly stop, it just kept coming! Ewelina soothingly guided me, holding my hand it felt like, even tho our session was over Zoom. She enabled me to release many years of pent up anger. I felt at ease and comfortable letting Ewelina guide me. She allowed me to take my time to release it all from my body and replacing the anger with loving words and colour. I have to admit, after this intense session, I felt like my head was going to fall off and I lay down for a 2.5hr nap! The healing has begun on a deep level. The next day I felt more energized but distraught and in disbelief, over the information, my subconscious brought up in the session. It felt like a can of worms opened up and I felt at a loss of ‘now what’? What do I do with this heavy news?
> Ewelina told me to listen to her recording for the next 21 days and more memories would surface. It sure did but along with her recording, I was able to let them go, believing that’s not me and helping me rewrite new bountiful images of myself. My confidence level and believing in myself has skyrocketed and I feel like my life is limitless now!
> Thank you, Ewelina for helping me kickstart the rest of my life.

Elisabeth, Kelowna 


Foggy Mountains

You can rise up from anything.

You can completely recreate yourself.

All that matters is that you decide today and never look back.

_Idil Ahmed_

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