Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.

George Addair 

"Putting a price on what Ewelina did is NOT possible, as getting one's freedom and life back is priceless. From the get-go I felt extremely comfortable in Ewelina's presence, never felt judged and she made it very easy for me to open up".

M. Robson

If you are here that means you are ready to do things differently.
You are up in your head trying to figure it out how to make things work. You are juggling way too many things. If only you could make others to do what they supposed to do you would be fine.
Does that sounds right?

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Imagine your brain like a computer. Your thoughts and actions are like software or mental programme that can be upgraded and changed.

You can literally manage your mind. Visualise and feel the amazing changes in your performance. Imagine the possibilities waiting for you.

You see your mind has all the answers to your questions. It knows exactly what holds you back, why you are stuck in the old patterns of behaviour, thoughts and communication. It knows exactly why you feel frustrated and tired of your own bullshit. 

Understanding and awareness are the power that can shift mountains.


I can quickly and effectively help you to work through the issues/problems (which are old, outdated beliefs & stories still running, in the background, in your subconscious mind). That will bring you much-needed awareness, which will set you free.

Lindsay White, Canada

Amanda, Denmark
Procrastination, Self-sabotage

"I was really lucky to spend some time with Ewelina doing some hypnosis which I find incredibly valuable.  What I experienced was revolutionary for me. It absolutely made the difference."

"Ewelina was able to see the bigger picture and connect the dots during the first call we had. She quickly pint pointed what the root cause of my issue was."

Shiwa, Hawaii
Procrastination, Self-sabotage,
Avoiding facing problems

"Ewelina is very easy to talk to. I went from procrastinating to actively taking action. I'm less concern what people think about me. Changes are nice. Some are instant and some are more gradual. Changes are lasting."


STOP fighting for what doesn't serve you.


requires courage and commitment.

TRANSFORMATION is an inside job.

How you think affects how you feel.

Your emotions drive your actions.

How you act impacts your results.

Your beliefs affect how you think.

Feelings are here to guide us.

There are no bad or good emotions.

You need to feel all the emotions.

Process them and let them go.

When you do that and learn how to reframe the meaning, the interpretation you reclaim your Personal Power.

This is when your external circumstances will no longer dictate how you feel.



Once you TRULY discover yourself, love yourself and accept yourself as you are.

The DOOR to the world of POSSIBILITIES will open up for you!!!


Imagine, reaching the below in as little as 14 weeks ...

  • Gain clarity on what exactly you want in life, business & relationships. And create a clear strategy for the future.

  • Creating the extraordinary life that you desire. According to your rules. 


  • You wake up at least five times a week in harmony with yourself, happy and joyful. In gratitude for what you have.


  • Trusting and listening to your intuition, guiding you along the way, accepting only the opportunities right for you. ​


  • You make yourself non-negotiable and that may look like, feel like, and sound like having clear boundaries around your free time when your needs are the priority.

  • Feeling confident in your skills and abilities without any more courses that you do not need.


  • Feeling in tune, in alignment with yourself and your business/career. Deeply understand yourself, your needs, and your desires. Treat yourself with respect and kindness. As we take care of the "things" that we love.


  • Standing in your Personal power. Courageously embodying WHO you are. Unappogenetically and consistently, with clearly defined values.


  • Having the confidence to show up unapologetically, true to yourself, attracting only the right kind of growth opportunities.


  • Getting paid your worth, as your self-worth & self-esteem will increase, leading to more money for that expensive trip you keep talking about.

Ways to work with me!


What is included in a nutshell:

  • 1 x Intro coaching session to map out the transformation that you are seeking / 1hr

  • 1 x RTT/ Hypnotic session - 2 hrs

  • 1 x 30 min x Coaching Call

  • 1 x Phenomenal, custom-created post-session hypnotic recording to rewire redundant beliefs and to solidify new one

  • email/ WhatsApp Support

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Kick Start Your Transformation

Image by Diego PH

Say YES to Yourself

What is included in a nutshell:

  • 1 x Intro coaching session to map out the transformation that you are seeking / 1hr

  • 1 x RTT/ Hypnotic session - 2 hrs

  • 3 x 1 hrs Coaching Calls

  • 1 x Phenomenal, custom-created post-session hypnotic recording to rewire redundant beliefs and to solidify new one

  • email/WhatsApp support

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Image by sydney Rae

Step into the Unstoppable YOU

What is included in a nutshell:

  • 3 months programme

  • 1 x Intro coaching session to map out the transformation that you are seeking / 60 min

  • 3 x RTT/ Hypnotic session - 2 hrs each

  • 9 x 60 min coaching calls (NLP models included)

  • 3 x Phenomenal, custom-created post-session hypnotic recording to rewire redundant beliefs and to solidify new one

  • email/WhatsApp support

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Image by Austin Chan

Justyna, Canada - Self-Sabotage, Success Block

I would like to recommend Ewelina from the bottom of my heart. Her amazing intuition and empathy take the RTT session to absolutely the next level. If you are looking for someone who will give you instant results and gentle care and support along with all transformation processes you find the perfect therapist.

I contact Evelina, because of my business block. I couldn’t attract any new clients. (...)

Before the RTT session, I felt lost and frustrated. I couldn't move on with my business. I was hopeless and tired of tiring ineffective methods to solve my problem.

Thanks to the outstanding skills and talents of Ewelina she was able to easily help me solve my problem and release my blocks. Also, I start to accept my skills and gifts. I got a deep understanding of myself and a deep acceptance of my life purpose.

She gave me an amazing life-changing RTT session that helped me understand the root of my issues and also transformed my old beliefs into new, supporting ones. Also, after sessions, I was supported and guided by Ewelina. I felt all the time surrounded by her care and empathy.

Just after the session first new client booked an appointment with me! That was amazing! Instant results! Then I start to notice gentle changes in the way how I perceive myself and my work. After a few weeks, a huge acceptance and understanding of myself came. Also, my business starts to grow.

Prepper yourself for a life-changing experience!


What will have to happen for you to say enough is enough? How long are you willing to tolerate putting your health and happiness last?
When are you going to take full responsibility for your life and make yourself a priority?
Have you considered what is the cost of you not honouring your needs and desires?

Because, lack of self-trust, low confidence, overthinking, overworking, and burnout are not sexy.

I am here to help you, to be the guide I wish I had. I am here to be your sounding board and to call you out. You deserve to have someone on your side. I haven't changed my life & business on my own. It was only when I asked for help and guidance that things shifted for me.

If you are ready to strip down the STORIES that are holding you back. If you are ready to shift your perspective and transform from the inside out ...

It is time to start working together.