"It takes COURAGE to say YES to REST and PLAY in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol".

Brene Brown

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"Putting a price on what Ewelina did is NOT possible, as getting one's freedom and life back is priceless. From the get-go I felt extremely comfortable in Ewelina's presence, never felt judged and she made it very easy for me to open up".

M. Robson

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Imagine your brain like a computer. Your thoughts and actions are like software or mental programme that can be upgraded and changed.

You can literally manage your mind. Visualise and feel the amazing changes in your performance. Imagine the possibilities waiting for you.

You see your mind has all the answers to your questions. It knows exactly what holds you back, why you are stuck in the old patterns of behaviour, thoughts and communication. It knows exactly why you feel frustrated and tired of your own bullshit. 

Understanding is power, and understanding in hypnosis is the most phenomenal power.


I can quickly and effectively help you to work through the issues/problems (which are old, outdated beliefs & stories still running, in the background, in your subconscious mind). That will bring you much-needed awareness, which will set you free.


Guided Hypnotic Meditation

Fiona, Scotland -Sleep Problems

I asked Ewelina to help me with sleep issues as, for as long as I can remember, if I am disturbed in the night, I can't get back to sleep again. I found Ewelina to be friendly, professional and empathetic. She also provided me with a safe space and made me feel at ease as she cleverly guided me to find the root cause of my issue from my past. The revelation was amazing as I had no idea about it but it explained my sleeping problems completely. It was fascinating and I discussed it at great length with Ewelina afterwards. She is super. From that very night, I no longer needed to get up to use the bathroom, so less chance of having a disturbed night. RESULT! I have found if something does wake me, I feel far more relaxed and so getting back to sleep is much easier. I would say, whatever your issue, I can highly recommend Ewelina!


Tap into the power of your subconscious mind.
Remove habitual patterns & BS beliefs.
Unlock unstoppable confidence, self-trust & build emotional resilience.


Set yourself free from your biggest problem!
You know that something needs to change when you can identify with the below ...

  • At least 75% of the time when solving a problem you obsessively think about the solution.

  • You seem super active, a bundle of energy. But what is actually going on is you struggle to slow down.


  • You got let down so often that you stopped asking for help. What’s the point? You feel like they will disappoint you again.

  • Yet again you said YES to your sister knowing full well that your schedule is already full, and you will have to stay late to finish.

  • You are trying to stay fit and healthy but you missed your workout for the third time this week because you decided you need to put more work into that project that you are working on.

  • You keep talking yourself out of doing what you really desire because it is not a good time, or you need money for something else etc.


  • Do you put things off to the last minute as you feel uncomfortable doing them? ​​

  • 90% of your decision thought process is riddled with what-if scenarios.

  • You find it difficult to put yourself out there. You question if you feel enough or worthy of success.

  • At least 4 times a week you missed some appointments that you committed yourself to as you were just too tired to focus and be present.

  • Physical pain gets in your way of enjoying your everyday life. You almost forgot how it feels to feel joy & happiness from simple pleasures.

  • You start 5 things at the same time and maybe one or two get finished as you get distracted easily. Procrastination & self-sabotaging habits are your second name.


No more people pleasing.
No more overdoing.
No more overthinking.
Just know that you are enough!


Use Hypnosis to create an extraordinary life!

  • Wake up at least 5 times a week happy and joyful. In gratitude for what you have.

  • Having healthy relationships where you ask for what you need.​​​

  • Feeling at ease and flow. Experience inner peace no matter what's happening in your life. ​​

  • Become the UNSTOPPABLE & RESILIENT CEO of your life!

  • Make yourself non-negotiable. And that may look like, feel & sounds like having clear boundaries around your free time when your needs are the priority.

  • Be able to let go of things that you can't control.​

  • Say 'hasta la vista' to negative & critical self-talk.

  • Master your thoughts.​

  • No more physical or emotional pain.​

  • Being decisive and consistent when making any kind of decision.

  • Become 100% committed to yourself.

  • Become stronger, better and more inspired.​

  • Standing in your Personal Power. Be who you are. Unappogenetically and consistently with clearly defined values.

  • Feel confident no matter what.

  • Become super clear about what you want in life.


Inner Peace

Once you TRULY discover yourself, love yourself and accept yourself as you are.

The DOOR to the world of POSSIBILITIES will open up for you!!!

What is hypnosis or hypnotic state?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. That means that people are treated in hypnosis and not with hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a very natural state that you experience every day. It allows you to access your subconscious mind where you are able to delve deep into your feeling, beliefs and thoughts, that influence your life and make sense of all of them with the critical mind. Everything that you feel and experience during a hypnotic session is part of you already. Hypnotherapy enables you to create a conscious change in the form of new beliefs, behaviours, new patterns, ideas and feelings.

My job as a hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner & coach is to help you to see, feel & hear who you really are.

To help you explore what is possible for you & what you are already capable of doing.

How does it work?

Ewelina uses a number of tools such as hypnosis (Rapid Transformational Therapy/RTT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),

Motivational coaching & emotional intelligence just to name a few. Her approach is highly personalised to clients' needs.

NLP uses the thoughts process, visible physiological reactions, language & thought patterns we use to communicate and the way we organise our ideas and actions to transform your life. NLP provides many techniques that can be utilised to improve, change and influence your behavioural, thought and communication patterns. It helps you to learn how to use your mind effectively to change your life experience.


We all have general patterns that we use to distort, delete & generalize all the incoming information. Meta-programmes help us to understand how we respond to certain situations. What we are interested in and where we focus our attention. Language or words we use, our habits and behaviour are part of our motivation and decision-making process.


Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy (RTT) uses hypnosis and hypnotic conditioning. This incredible process combined with different techniques and tools allows us to discover and evaluate events from your past that caused you emotional and physical pain.


This understanding will allow you to release all the emotions that you hold in your body and keep reliving them. Finally, you will let go of the past to create and transform your life permanently.

RTT is so powerful because, although it uses hypnosis, it provides you with much-needed understanding.


RTT can help you to improve how the body communicates with the mind, and how it feels and reacts to the outside world so it can permanently overcome problems such as panic attacks or migraines.


RTT is an amazing tool that can transform your life but you have to be 100% committed to wanting to change. You need to be committed to doing the work so that you can move away from the suffering and pain you are experiencing, which is limiting you from living an extraordinary and healthy life.


I specialise in working with confidence and self-worth, self-sabotage and success blocks but I can also help you with.
  • Confidence
  • Self-worth
  • Motivation
  • Procrastination & Sabotage
  • Relationship
  • Early Childhood Problems
  • Sleep Problems
  • Anxiety
  • Depression & Stress
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Career issues
  • Interview skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Concentration & Memory​​
  • Fertility
  • Addictions
  • Issues Around Weight Control
  • Pain control
  • Physical Issues

Beata, Belgium -Migraines

For years I've been struggling with tedious and troublesome migraines that prevented me from leading an ordinary life. In order to relieve my suffering in some way, I started treatment at a specialist. I received medications that allowed me to get out of bed when migraine struck, but it didn't eliminate the problem. I was looking for alternative methods and a friend suggested that I try RTT sessions. I've started reading, exploring this method, and finally decided on RTT hypnotherapy. I took the first step but now I had to choose a therapist, and FB was very helpful in making this decision.

I've chosen Ewelina based on the reviews but also based on the photo and the first conversation we had with each other. She gave the impression of a trustworthy person and she was beaming with internal warmth - I was not disappointed, my choice was right. At the moment I am after the session and 21 days of listening to the affirmation created by Ewelina especially for me and I feel "FANTASTIC", migraines have disappeared, I feel as if my body has slowed down, I also sleep better. Also, as a bonus within 21 days from the session, I lost 5 kg without any special effort.

Thank you for everything, my beloved therapist.