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Unlocking Transformation: A Dive into Hypnotherapy with Ewelina Szczeblewska

Delve into the world of hypnotherapy with Ewelina Szczeblewska, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and RTT Therapist. Join Mystic Mag as we uncover success stories, tailored strategies for high-achievers, and the art of subconscious reprogramming, exploring the transformative power of hypnotherapy under Ewelina’s expert guidance.

Can you share a success story demonstrating how your methods, as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and RTT Therapist, led to a positive transformation in someone’s life?

One unforgettable case, among my first clients, had a profound impact on both me and the individual involved. Whether a professional, a mother, or a budding entrepreneur, our society often encourages a disconnection from ourselves. We grapple with expressing our emotions, lacking self-regulation skills, and succumbing to people-pleasing or boundary issues in pursuit of love and acceptance. Vulnerability is often perceived as weakness, exacerbated by the daily stressors we face.

 My client, who had battled severe migraines for decades, impacting her work, relationships, and self-care, tried various solutions without success. Working together, she discovered the root cause of her migraines and learned to authentically express herself. After our sessions, her migraines ceased, she lost weight, boosting her confidence and self-esteem. Work stress no longer held the same power over her, as she became a happier, healthier version of herself, making strides in various aspects of her life. This transformation underscores the importance of addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual needs to avoid the long-term consequences of neglecting them.

You specialize in helping high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs overcome self-doubt and anxiety. How do you tailor your approach to address their unique challenges?

Tailoring my approach to each client is crucial, recognizing that what works for one may not work for another. I approach each partnership with an open mind, collaboratively creating a roadmap for our journey and adjusting it as needed. Often, perceived problems are coping strategies masking deeper issues, and my role involves helping clients identify and release these obstacles.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution; personalized strategies are essential to addressing self-doubt, anxiety, overcommitting, and other self-sabotaging behaviors rooted in early experiences. This transformative work demands readiness to confront oneself, starting with awareness—the first step towards change.

Your journey involved significant life changes. How have these experiences shaped your approach to helping others transform their lives?

Experiencing various life changes, both pleasant and challenging, taught me that change is constant and the key is learning to let go of attachment and trusting oneself. My personal growth aligns with that of my clients, providing a unique perspective. I assist others in embracing change as a constant while fostering self-love and acceptance.

Transformation necessitates shifts in identity, requiring courage, commitment, dedication, and personal responsibility. Having traversed this path myself, I guide clients through a journey I understand intimately.

You emphasize subconscious reprogramming. Could you explain how this technique works and its effectiveness in creating lasting change for clients?

As the year-end prompts many to set resolutions, the common struggle is failing to enact lasting change. Attempting to alter behavior without addressing subconscious habits, beliefs, and stories often results in reverting to familiar patterns. The subconscious, responsible for 95% of our daily actions, acts on past experiences and habits.

 Lasting change requires addressing the core level, changing at the subconscious level rather than merely modifying behavior. The external world reflects the internal world, making subconscious reprogramming the key to sustainable transformation.

Recognized as the Hypnotherapist of the Year in 2022, what sets your practice apart from others in the field?

My practice stands out due to its holistic approach, recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirituality. Combining elements of quantum physics, modern science, psychology, hypnosis, NLP, and spirituality, I offer a comprehensive solution.


My personal journey, starting with emigrating with minimal resources, provides a unique perspective on navigating change. I understand the challenges of change, having grown up with limited prospects. My attitude of perseverance may not resonate with everyone, but finding the right connection is essential for growth.

What do you love most about your profession?

The most rewarding aspect of my profession is the opportunity to serve and help individuals break free from their past, offering support as they create the lives they deserve. Being in their corner, guiding them through the challenges, and witnessing their authentic transformation is incredibly fulfilling.

Facilitating necessary changes that lead to authenticity, happiness, health, and success is a privilege. Helping clients reintegrate joy and self-love into their lives makes this job truly fulfilling.

The original interview can be found on the MysticMag website (click the image above).

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