Your reality is a reflection of your strongest beliefs!
Ewelina Szczeblewska

Free Hypnotic Guided Meditation to Attract Success & Abundance

As a high achiever, you know deep down that you have the potential to achieve so much more.

You are probably very smart, ambitious and driven. Juggling work, family commitments and million of other responsibilities. Looking after everyone else but yourself. Sooner or later you forgot WHO is the REAL YOU!

You want to live according to your own set of norms and rules.

You are ready to unleash that inner power & confidence to create a life of your desires.


Let me guess you probably tried some of the things below:

  • Read many self-help books, and as you gain more understanding, you feel more lost, confused & frustrated as you can't seem to implement those changes.

  • You've invested a lot in your self-development. Maybe you even worked with a coach or paid for some courses, but they haven't helped you to bring much change.

  • You've implemented systems and strategies to get you ahead.

Imagine, reaching the below in as little as 12 weeks ...
  • Creating more free time for yourself and your loved ones, while making more money by setting up clear boundaries. 

  • Getting paid your worth, as your self-worth & self-esteem will increase, leading to more money for that expensive trip you keep talking about.

  • Having positive & supportive thoughts such as 'I can do it' or 'I can find solutions to everything' making you feel like a Wonderwoman.

  • Trusting and listening to your intuition, that will guide you along the way, accepting only the right opportunities for you. ​​

  • Feeling confident in your skills and abilities without any more courses that you don't need.


  • Feeling aligned with yourself and your career. Deeply understand yourself, your needs and your desires. Treating yourself with respect and kindness.

  • Truly believing in yourself. Create an identity of the successful & courageous female that you are.

  • Having the confidence to show up unapologetically, true to yourself attracting only the right kind of opportunities for growth.

  • Being inspired to take fearless & courageous money-making activities every day that will grow your career.

  • Gain clarity on what exactly do you want your career and life to look like.

  • Create a clear strategy for the future.

Cloudy Mountain

Madhia Story, England - Money Blocks, Self-sabotage

I came to Ewelina for money blocks, I was afraid of success and I believed entrepreneurship isn't available to me. (...)

I always started off with lots of passion, but when it came to selling or continued sales I would self-sabotage.


My RTT session has made a phenomenal change to my life, I started a vision board (was merely an idea for 4 years), I set-up my networking pages, I have gone out to find clients, I have contacted organisations, I have had clients and  I am in a continued relationship with them. I feel energised, my path is clear to me, setbacks are only a learning opportunity and not a point of give-up and all this within 3 weeks. the actual change was immediate and it is only feeling stronger by the day.


My confidence is soaring now, I never told people what I do, I only worked on recommendations, I feared failure, I feared rejection and no welcome these as I know I will learn from them and become stronger.

Ewelina also gave powerful advice after the session, it actually changed my life, I give value to my heart, I listen to it carefully and I align it with my mind. I feel aligned. I feel empowered.

Are you ready to unleash the real you?

Can you relate with any of the below?

Working way too much, forgetting to give yourself and your family a space to breathe and enjoy life.

Having an internal conversation with your critical self. This side of you is very critical, and you beat yourself up for every mistake. In your head you go over and over every little thing, thinking 'I should have worked harder' or  'maybe I am not good enough for this promotion just yet'.


Feeling unappreciated and overlooked at work. You contribute more than others yet, you feel invisible at times.

Experiencing analysis paralysis. You set incredibly high standards for yourself. You perfect every word, every task, which decreases your productivity and leads to self-doubt.


Putting off every activity, that feels uncomfortable till later while making tons of excuses why you can't possibly do it now. You talk yourself out of doing things that would bring you closer to your goals.

Having serious difficulties at setting up and upholding to your boundaries. You find it very difficult to say NO to people.

You forgot to permit yourself to be successful. You feel like no one is supporting you on your journey. No one understands what you are going through. You hold yourself back from what could be.

How it Works

1. Book Consultation

This is a free, no-obligation conversation. 
We will have a chat about where are you at, what is the best outcome for you or any other issues that may be standing in your way to being truly successful & abundant. You will have a chance to get to know me and the methods I work with. We will determine if we are a good fit to work together.

2. Take part in the 3-month programme personalised to you

We hit the ground running and start with a Coaching Session. We will dive deep to identify in which areas you need support and pin down the core areas that we need to work on. We will map out our time together so you know what we’re doing and what results you can expect.

You will receive private 1:1 hypnotic sessions. Every session can last around 2 hours. You can expect to feel deeply relaxed so that we can work with the subconscious mind. 

We will identify and eliminate the root causes of any old subconscious beliefs and patterns that stand in your way.

In between sessions, you will receive all the support you may need to keep the momentum going. I will help you during the transformational changes that are going to be happening in your life. You will also receive all the resources you may need to build new beliefs.

You will be provided with a personalized and transformational recording after each session, that will further help you with your transformation. It will help you to stay super focused and motivated in between sessions.

3. Become unapologetically true to yourself, insanely confident & free from limiting beliefs woman who is ready to take inspired actions that drive her career or business forward. 

The subconscious makes up 95% of your mind, which is why we focus on reframing the most inner thoughts and limiting beliefs you may not even realise you have.

You will let go of the past that still holds you, hostage. You will gradually replace negative beliefs and patterns with new empowering, positive responses, ideas, beliefs and feelings that will transform your life & career.

Results you can expect

  • Reconnect with your desires, calling & purpose that is fully in line with who you are.

  • Gain clarity & understanding. 

  • Find your inner strength & voice to be true to your inner self.

  • Increased confidence & assertiveness.

  • Create a career of your dreams. 

  • Radical self-acceptance.

  • Positive inner-self dialogue that is supportive and has your back.

  • ​Make informed, clear and decisive decisions that you stick to it.

  • Create clear boundaries for yourself and everyone around you. Feel confident to say NO to people and situations that are not in tune with your needs.

  • ​Better relationship with money.

  • ​Stop procrastinating and take fearless actions, pushing the boundaries of what's possible for you.

  • ​Feel extraordinary confident getting paid your worth, knowing the value that you deliver.

  • Significantly improved personal & professional relationships.

  • ​Become financially & emotionally independent.

  • ​Happily schedule time off for free time, family time and rest without guilt.

  • Fully, trust and accept your intuition, which allows you to create an energetic flow in your life and career.

Above the Clouds

Justyna Story, Canada - Self-Sabotage, Success Block

I would like to recommend Ewelina from the bottom of my heart. Her amazing intuition and empathy take the RTT session to absolutely the next level. If you are looking for someone who will give you instant results and gentle care and support along with all transformation processes you find the perfect therapist.

I contact Evelina, because of my business block. I couldn’t attract any new clients. (...)

Before the RTT session, I felt lost and frustrated. I couldn't move one with my business. I was hopeless and tired of tiring ineffective methods to solve my problem.

Thanks to the outstanding skills and talents of Ewelina she was able to easily help me solve my problem and release my blocks. Also, I start to accept my skills and gifts. I got a deep understanding of myself and a deep acceptance of my life purpose.

She gave me an amazing life-changing RTT session that helped me understand the root of my issues and also transformed my old beliefs into new, supporting ones. Also, after sessions, I was supported and guided by Ewelina. I felt all the time surrounded by her care and empathy.

Just after the session first new client booked an appointment with me! That was amazing! Instant results! Then I start to notice gentle changes in the way how I perceive myself and my work. After a few weeks, a huge acceptance and understanding of myself came. Also, my business starts to grow.

Prepper yourself for a life-changing experience!

Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.

George Addair